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Statgrader is a robust website analytics reporting tool that uses multiple data points to analyze and provide performance grades and SEO recommendations to improve the performance of your website traffic. It is meant to be simple, valuable, and affordable for everyone. PRE-ORDER PRICING NOW AVAILABLE!


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Simple, Valuable, Affordable

More about Statgrader?

Statgrader is a reporting companion to the analytic data you already collect. Statgrader connects to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdWords and analyzes your data by running it through our advanced website performance algorithm. Once the data is compiled our reporting engine provides a grade for each data metric it reviews. This gives you an idea of where you stand on performance with a quick visual analysis.

Statgrader provides monthly reporting that you access anytime or have delivered to your inbox each month.

The Statgrader engine looks at the data and presents the best case scenario for how to improve the metrics found by suggesting industry proven SEM (Search Engine Marketing) best practice recommendations.

In addition, our game-changing analytics reporting tool will then recommend qualified vendors that can do the work for you. It provides options that accommodate your marketing goals and budget requirements. You can be aligned with best case recommendation for a company or specialist that has a history of improving performance for websites like yours.

Now That’s Cool!

We track our site visitors now.

Most websites have analytic tracking in place, but Google Analytics doesn’t tell you if your site is doing good or bad or provide a recommended strategy to improve the performance. That’s why we created Statgrader!

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Finally, a Useful Solution to Website Analytics

With Statgrader you get monthly reporting that grades the primary metrics of your website analytics. The application reviews your historical data and provides you with an in-depth analysis as well as recommended actions you can take to improve your website performance. Now that’s cool!

Super Easy To Setup!

Statgrader will be able to connect to your accounts with just one click!

As long as you have a Google Analytics account, Statgrader can run an analytics report for you with a simple click to allow access to view the data.

It will be easy for you to get a grade right away.

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