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Get early access and up to 50% Off the normal monthly rate for our website traffic grading and reporting service.

Answers to Your Questions

What does early access mean?

When we launch the statgrader beta, you will be one of the first to be able to try it. The beta time period will not count towards your pre-paid subscription time. Your pre-paid subscription time will begin when we publicly release the product. You will be notified via email of all changes and when your time will begin.

Are there differences in the features for each plan?

No, all membership plans will include the same features. The only difference is the time you’re able to use the service based on the plan you select. In the future, we may release additional plans with other features.

Why should I pre-order Statgrader?

If you pre-order then you get the discounted price. Once the product is released then the discount offer will no longer be available.

What is the”Vendor Network Access”?

One of the core benefits of statgrader is that when the website grader identifies issues in your traffic performance, it will then make recommendations with our AI to you on who we think would be the best resource for you to get help from. It could be from a local SEO company or a freelancer somewhere else that is qualified and both your profiles match each other as being a perfect fit to work with one another.

The Vendor Network Access enables you to be connected with our preferred vendors as well as vendors we feel could make a positive impact on your website traffic performance.

Can I pre-order more than what you have available here?

Yes, If you’d like to get even more please contact our support team directly and we will accommodate your needs for website analytics reporting and analysis.

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