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Why Choose Statgrader?

Statgrader is an advanced website analytics grading application that can identify areas of opportunity for improvement to website performance and conversions. Statgrader provides simple reporting visualizations that are easy to understand and acknowledge that action should be taken in order to improve the results.

Statgrader analyzes website analytics over time and provides feedback and suggestions to its users on what they can do to get better results.

Once a recommendation is made towards a data segment, that user is then referred to possible vendors like you that can complete the marketing work for them. 

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Users are rewarded for continued performance increases over time once they take action with a qualified vendor in our network.

Statgrader is a worldwide service and can be used by anyone with a website. With millions of potential subscribers, Statgrader can bring you new business that is ready to take action on their digital marketing needs.

Statgrader profiles each user and aligns them with a vendor that would match their specific marketing needs. Hourly rate and type of service are already identified and agreed upon by both parties.

So, we make it easy to bring you ready to go clients that want your services!

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We Got You Covered!

In addition to being apart of the Statgrader family to receive digital marketing leads from our subscribers, we will also be releasing a white-labeled version of Statgrader for agencies to use with their own clients.

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